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Welcome to the official "SWG Plus" website. At "SWG Plus" our community are lovers of everything Star Wars. With our love we want to give you the best "Star Wars Galaxies" experience. We do our best to be a different flavor than what you are used to; vanilla.
Our front row toppings are;
- No CD needed
- 10 character limit
- No IP blocking and banning
- 15 player group system
- TCG Vendors
- Rare loot-boxes
- 1 Free level 90 token
- Variety of log-in rewards
- Live 24/7 Chat support from staff,and players
- Youtube channel; showcasing the best trailer of SWG
To see more toppings, please register and then download our launcher.

Server QoL update

*Components from factorys will now be outputed to 100s instead of 25s all over the board
*resources will now go from CONTAINER_MAX = 100000; to CONTAINER_max = 10000000

recruiting Quality Assurance 0/4 and Planet editors and cordinators need 0/4

Quality Assurance 0/4
Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
• testing of newly or old Creating new content/city/quests/poi/items/etc
• Finding bugs/strings

Planet editors and cordinators need 0/4
Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
• Creating new content/city/quests/poi/etc
• Fixing bugs/strings
• Development of planets and terrain

patch 4.2

patch notes for 4.2
* 9 total new paintings 4 of them was already in but got altered

patch for the launcher v4 (comeing monday)

patch for the launcher v4

this is the start of a new future with stuff that actutali legal to have in the game we realease 4 new painting with no copyright to it from pexels.com. this is the only update so far with totaly new content from our own side of things but this will not be the last one either, there will be many to come in the near future. as a closeing i know the pendemic have hit us all hard and that also why i am more then greatfull of all the donations comeingin, its not a must to donate remember that the server will not close down but its for helping me get it all going around witch even with not hiting the goal always we still stand strong and always will much love too all . sincerly SWG plus

finances for month 7

USDTOTAL NEEDED for finshing the year -215,41
donations total USD676,91
2020sum total for a year USD892,32



Any donations will go towards our hosting costs.

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