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  1. polsommer


    online sry for the thunder crash
  2. polsommer

    finance 16-06-2020/06-16-2020

    heya all just a quick post from me i can see 16/06-2020 / 06/16-2020 is a work day for me so il post this abit early. we are very close to going total green again this month for that i still wana give a huge thanks to all of u who donate and also too those who dont. much love from all in SWGplus...
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  4. polsommer

    finance 16-05-2020/05-16-2020

    Ads google350 DKK networking239 DKK SUM DKK589 DKK SUM USD87,99 USD donation USD100,99 USD donation Dkk699 DKK donation Dkk in plus80 DKK donation usd in plus12,01 USD
  5. polsommer

    this months finances

  6. polsommer

    We are currently recruiting

    Development Staff Java/C++ experience is required, also would be nice to have Linux experience Responsibilities include but are not limited to: • Creating new content/items • Fixing bugs/strings • Development server testing apply in support under customer service
  7. polsommer


    updates in the launcher is out too its a most download to fix som of the many issues with the geo and DWB bunker
  8. polsommer

    SWG+ finance for 1 month

    ram 64GB1.234 DKK ram 64GB2.653 DKK Ryzen Threadripper 1.600 DKK EVGA 850W 1.100 DKK ASRock X3992.600 DKK heatsink600 DKK Ads google350 DKKnumbers can be changed! NVME SSD649 DKKour servers cost atm for 16-03-2020 / 16-04-2020 0 DKKmonthly cost is 131 USD*...
  9. polsommer


    new updates restuss is back on and working fixed minor issues
  10. polsommer

    server online

    first city with shuttleport on the server. pin city
  11. polsommer

    Intention event of the new server!

    new server!