GCW Fundamentals


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I'm a very big fan of GCW battles in SWG. As such, I felt the need to post this for new players or players who've never really done them. The following information is a basic guideline for those wishing to play this feature of the game.

GCW battles can be played by any character class or faction. There are three GCW cities in the game. Bestine, on Tatooine, Keren on Naboo, and Daeric on Talus. Each side will have specific areas to control, depending on who controls the area. The objective of the battles is to either attack and kill or defend the general of the city being invaded. Each city has a general that spawns in a specific location for that city. In Bestine he is near the bazaar and close to the Jedi contact. In Keren he is by the grand archway close to the theater. In Daeric he is near the bazaar.

Traders start the battle by building one of four types of assets. Primarily Barricades are mad by structure traders. Turrets by weapon smiths. Towers by droid engineers, and troops by tailors. They can get their tools for each type from a terminal located near the general. Any trader can build any asset, but only the ones I mentioned will be able to experiment on the ones of their trade. They can either increase the power of the tool, which reduces the number of tools required to fill a pylon, or the number of charges that a tool will have. If the traders are invading, they will be able to make vehicle and patrol tools and experiment on them regardless of trade. Both sides have 30 minutes to build their forces. When building they will accumulate fatigue which will slowly begin to increase the build time for pylons. Entertainers can get missions that reduce the fatigue from the faction coordinator near the general. Combat characters can help build as well, but will incur 5x the fatigue of a trader. Onc the 30 mins is up, nothing will be built and everything that has been built will spawn. Anyone that built gets GCW points and tokens when build phase is complete. Time to fight.

The combat phase takes 30 mins as well , unless the invaders kill the general before the time limit. During the battle phase, invading traders can repair walkers adding to the fight. Medics can heal wounded troops and entertainers can rally demoralized troops. Combat toons on the defending side can defend barricades and I believe they can defend towers and turret as well. Invading combat troops need to destroy barricades, turrets, and towers as these will impede the attacking npcs and slow them down. Traders can repair turrets and barricades. Defending combat characters can click on turrets, towers, and barricades and gain missions to defend them from incoming forces. All characters involved need to be overt and or sf. Being SF gives double the gcw points and tokens from the invasion. The battle ends when the general is slain (which goes active 15 mins after the battle starts) or the defenders can hold out for the 30 mins. Which ever way the battle ends, all involved receive gcw points and tokens, with the winning side getting more.

You can track when gcw battles will take place by typing in /gcw and looking at the planet you want to see. Neutral players can participate in the battles by going to the side of their choice and talking to the coordinator. They will have the option of being a mercenary, gain gcw tokens, but no gcw points. In regards to space gcw I have little information as I've never really done them. Hope this write up helps.