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New to SWG+


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Hi everyone, Firstly thank you devs for supplying SWG+. I was a player for many years on the original SWG. A quick question that has probably been asked before, but when I log on , choose my character, all it says is connecting to the galaxy, and just hangs there? am I doing something wrong or is there a fix for this as I'm aching with nostalgia :) ? Thank you in advance.


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Just coming from not playing for over a year!

Played originally on SWG and then on Legends and SWGEmu.

Downloading now and looking forward to joining.

Wondering what sets this emu apart from others?

I am an Ahazi vet. Flew with the 13th Roving Line and Shadow Squadron.



Well if u look at our updates and home page we are more open minded then anyone else we dont live in the past we make new stuff